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Northern Lights Tours is an Iceland-based operator of Northern Lights tours. We offer a great variety of different tours to experience the stunning, natural phenomenon that the Northern Lights or also called Aurora Borealis are. Northern Lights Tours is part of the Arctic Family that surrounds Iceland’s oldest adventure company Arctic Adventures.

Seeing the aurora is an experience you will never forget. Flickering curtains of different colors dancing in a magical way on the sky. We put a large emphasis on providing a professional, unforgettable and educating experience that is why our guides are very knowledgeable about Northern Lights. All tours are guided in English by guides that are fluent in English.

Our key to success is that the whole company is run and operated by adventurers who simply love what they are doing. And you will notice this when you join one of our tours.

We offer Northern Lights tours using super jeeps that enable us to escape light pollution and big crowds to increase the Northern Lights experience. We operate tours from both Reykjavík and Akureyri. You can choose between basic Northern Lights tours or tours that include Icelandic dinners and combine the Northern Light hunt with various activities. Besides day tours also multiple day tours are available that will take you to Iceland’s nicest spots during the day and on Northern Lights hunts far away from city light pollution during the night.

This website also provides interesting background information on Northern Lights. You can find information on how Northern Lights form, why they have different colors and shapes as well as where and when you can see them. Moreover, a guide on what to think about when trying to take a picture of them is included. On our gallery page you can find various picture and videos to get a taste on the beauty of Northern Lights.

Book your unforgettable Northern Lights adventure here and join us to experience this incredible light show. However, do not forget that Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that is not always possible to predict. We promise to do our very best to make you experience them, however we cannot promise any sights. In case of any further question, please have a look at our FAQ section or feel free to contact us (LINK).



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"If you want to see the Northern Light use these guys!"

A fantastic end to our holiday. Small group in a raised jeep / bus capable of getting off road. We first visited a lake with a full moon, and saw the lights before we were even out of the bus! We then bounced off road to what appeared to be a volcano field with geysirs erupting everywhere. We were then entertained by a Northern Lights show- spectacular. Even supplied with hot chocolate. The guide was knowledgable and knew where to go. Having been out with another company in coaches this was far ...


"Northern lights hunt"

Fantastic tour company and an amazing experience. I recently visited Reykjavik and booked the Northern Lights Hunt tour with Arctic Adventures. Our tour included caving, a lobster dinner and a super jeep hunt for the Northern Lights. The cave tour was excellent, our guide was very friendly and informative, and the lobster dinner was sooooo good. I'd recommend doing this instead of a bus tour, you get far more out of it from a small guided tour than a big commercial bus tour, and the experience...