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What are Northern Lights?
When can one see Northern Lights?
Where can one see Northern Lights?
How do I take good Photographs of Northern Lights?
Myths/Stories about Northern Lights


On the following pages you find information about Northern Lights. For example general information about what Northern Lights are such as how they form as well as which colors and shapes they can have is included. Moreover, information about where and when one can see them is available. Information about myths and stories around Northern Lights can also be found on one of these pages. To round it all up guides on how to interpret aurora forecasts and how to take pictures of Northern Lights are given.

A short sum up of the most important facts can be found in the Overview Fact Sheet below.


Overview Fact Sheet 

Name: Northern Lights/ Aurora Borealis
Visible in: Northern hemisphere close to the North Pole (e.g Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Alaska and Greenland)
Best Time of the year: Late August until early April
Best Time of the day: 22pm until 2 am
Colors: Green, red, yellow, blue and purple A_2013_EMagnusson-1313_northern lights iceland
Shapes: Drapery, arc, corona and diffuse
Relatives: Southern Light/Aurora Australis
Source: Sun particles colliding with gases in the atmosphere
Forecast Methods: Kp-index, Carrington Rotation
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